How to pay on-line with Edenred Card FKSP
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How to pay on-line with Edenred Card FKSP

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Article summary

Pay 24/7 with your Edenred Card FKSP

  • You can use your card to pay on conventional payment terminals or online at e-shops
  • choose the product and follow the shopping process
  • choose payemnt with Mastercard or with Edenred Card and complete your purchase as usual

Where to find e-shops accepting the card

  • The list of affiliate partners reflects your employer's internal guidelines 
  • You can find the browser for affiliated outlets at after logging into your card account or in the Edenred mobile application after adding your card in the app. 
  •  You can pay with your card when your wallet is active and contains funds. 
  • In the location search engine, select the wallet from which you want to buy and click on LIST OF E-SHOPS



List of partners/establishements
The list of establishments where your benefits are accepted is in accordance with Decree  No.114 Coll. about FKSP and in accordance with your employer's internal guidelines.

How to shop at e-shops

with Edenred Benefits freetime wallet on Edenred Card FKSP

with Ticket Restaurant meal voucher wallet on Edenred Card FKSP

Choose the manual needed.

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