Partnership benefits
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Partnership benefits

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  • we will add you among partners in our search engines

  • we will make you visible via our communication channels (social networks, web application, website, newsletters)

  • We will reimburse you for completed transactions and sent vouchers

Why to accept Edenred cards and vouchers

Meal cards and vouchers

Offer customers new payment options. You can accept Edenred Card digital meal vouchers as well as Ticket Restaurant paper meal vouchers. Join almost 44,000 satisfied partner establishments.

Benefit cards and vouchers

Reach over 380,000 potential customers who will spend more with you and keep coming back. Start accepting benefit vouchers and Edenred cards to pay for goods and health care services and leisure activities.

Why to accept the Edenred Card

Allow guests to pay with Edenred voucher cards
Accepting payments with meal cards is just as easy and convenient
like regular payment cards.

Unlike paper meal tickets, you don't have to recalculate anything and deal with reimbursement.
The money will arrive in your account as quickly as with other payment cards - within 48 hours.
You can use free ads in the Edenred mobile app.

Marketing support from Edenred

As part of our cooperation, you can for free use advertising space in the Edenred mobile application, through which you can make your business more visible and reach more than 200,000 employees with Edenred meal vouchers.
You can enter a restaurant offer in your account on the Edenred portal, it takes no more than 5 minutes and will bring you more guests. You will get premium display on the partner's map and thus attract employees from nearby companies to lunch. You can find more information at

To enter a quote for a device that accepts free time benefits, please contact our support at We will send you a form detailing the documents we will need and publish the offer for you.
In addition to the mobile application, offers for the use of free time benefits are displayed:

Are you on board?
  1. Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.
  2. We agree on the terms and conditions and sign a contract.
  3. We include you among the partners in our search engine.
  4. We increase your visibility through our communication channels.
  5. We pay you for the transactions performed and vouchers sent in.

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