Vratné peníze
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Vratné peníze

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Get money back for every online purchase

For every purchase at more than 200 e-shops, we will arrange a partial refund to your bank account.

Benefits of the Edenred VIP account

  • The Edenred VIP account will get you not only an extra registration bonus of 80 CZK, but above all 20% extra* compared to the discounts provided to regular shoppers.

  • An extra entry bonus will be added to your paycheck as soon as you actively use the vratnepenize.cz account. The condition is to receive at least CZK 100 of approved cashback from purchases.

  • All the conditions for a 20% increase of cashback can be found on https://www.vratnepenize.cz/vernostni-system.


if the e-shop offers 10% cashback for regular users, you will get 12% (calculated as 10% * 1.2 = 12%) for a period of 3 months. You can then regularly extend the Edenred advantage thanks to the promo code, which you can find in the Cafeteria.

How it works?

Step 1

Simply register at the VratnéPeníze.cz website, which is a gateway to refunds on your purchases. For registration, use the promo code which you can find in your cafeteria. It only takes 1 minute to register and create your Edenred VIP account, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy 20% higher discounts* compared to regular shoppers.

Step 2

After registering, sign in to your account and you can instantly start choosing the where you want to shop from the list of vendors. Click on “go to shop” and you will automatically be forwarded to the given e-shop, which will automatically be informed of the fact that you have come from the VratnéPeníze.cz portal and that they will refund your money through us.

Step 3

After completing the purchase, you will receive information to your account at the VratnéPeníze.cz website (usually within 48 hours) about the expected value of the refund. After the shop sends us the money, we will credit the refund to your account. As soon as you have more than 300 CZK on your account, you can have the money paid to your bank account.

Step 4

The promo code for using special conditions on refunds is always valid for 3 months. To extend the Edenred VIP account, you have to enter the new current promo code, which is available in your cafeteria.


Does not apply to special promotional events from the VratnePenize.cz portal, which are marked SPECIAL (AKCE). In these cases, the Edenred VIP account will have the same conditions as other users.

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