Benzina Tankarta
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Benzina Tankarta

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Benefits of the ORLEN Benzina Tankarta

Save your time and money. You get a discount at all BENZINA gas stations throughout the Czech Republic, so you don't have to go to more distant gas stations on your travels, which have better prices.

How do I get my BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred?

You can order ORLEN Benzina Tankarta od Edenredu directly in your card account. To obtain the Benzina Tankarta, you need your active Edenred Card registered in your card account at the web portal.

How to order ORLEN Benzina Tankarta

  1. Log in to your card account at In the dark blue box, you will immediately see discounted fuel prices, for which you can refuel that week at more than 420 petrol stations throughout the Czech Republic. In some cases, it may be necessary to enter your employer‘s ID number to verify the prices.


  1. Now you can order your Benzina Tankarta by Edenred. If you find the fuel price attractive, click on ORDER CARD.

  2. Complete the information required for the issue of your Benzina
    Tankarta. Your surname and e-mail address must be identical to
    those in your card account on the Edenred web portal. Tick ADD
    ANOTHER CARD FOR A FAMILY MEMBER if you wish to use two cards.

  3. Before confirming your Benzina Tankarta order, do not forget to
    tick your agreement with the Commercial Terms and Conditions. If
    you want to receive information about similar bonus and/or loyalty
    programmes and promotions, tick that you agree to receiving offers
    from Edenred CZ affiliates.


  1. Now you can look forward to your BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred.
    You will be informed about the reception of your order also via
    e-mail from Benzina. The Tankarta will be sent to the contact address
    provided by you within 10 days of successful registration. You will
    receive two separate letters, each on a different day. One will
    contain the card and the other an envelope with your PIN.

To log in to your customer acount (at
choose Business/Benefit account option.

  1. You can top up your Tankarta at any Benzina fuel filling station
    (in cash or using a payment card) or by a credit transfer from
    a bank account. Buy your fuels from the largest network of fuel
    filling stations in the Czech Republic and pay for them using your
    Tankarta. You will buy the fuel at its full price and then, at the
    beginning of the next month, you will receive cashback to your
    card – the difference between the discounted price and the price
    you actually paid. If the price of fuel on the totem is lower than the
    discounted BENZINA Flat Price, you will be charged the price listed
    on the totem (it means you always pay the price that is lower at
    the moment). The discounted price is updated every week and
    you can check it in your card account at
    at any time.
    For further information visit FAQ on Benzina Tankarta here.

Note: To log in to your customer account at, choose the Business/Benefit account option. Top up the received Tankart at any Benzina gas station.

How much will it cost me to refuel?

First you fill up at the full price of the fuel and always at the beginning of the following month
cashback will be returned to your card - the difference between the discounted price and the price actually paid. If the full price (i.e. the price shown on the gas station totem) is less than the discount price, you will be charged the price shown on the totem. In fact, you always pay the price that is lower at that moment. The discounted price is updated every week and you can check it at any time on your card account.

What is the amount of cashback

After logging into your account at, you will find out the announced fuel price with the amount of your discount already included (e.g. CZK 40/l). For this price, you fill up the entire ORLEN Benzina network, regardless of the price shown on the totem.
At the ORLEN Benzina gas station, you pay the totem price (e.g. 45 CZK/l), but you will be charged the totem price minus the price announced after the discount. The price difference will be returned to you at the beginning of the following month in the form of cashback on the ORLEN Benzina Tankart. In our illustrative example, this difference amounts to CZK 5 for every liter of fuel refueled. refueled liter of fuel.

This is Totemannounced price after discount = 45 – 40 = 5 CZK/l

Terms and Conditions of ORLEN Benzina Tankarty usage

You can read the full wording of the Commercial Terms and Conditions
and the principles of processing business data in the following links:
Commercial Terms and Conditions
Special Commercial Terms and Conditions
Principles of processing personal data at Edenred CZ
Information on processing personal data (Benzina)
Pre-contract information (Benzina)
Notice on the right of withdrawal (Benzina)

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