Edenred Extra Benefits
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Edenred Extra Benefits

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Edenred offers a variety of products to help businesses and their employees. These include discounted refills at the broadest filling station network in the Czech Republic, a loyalty program, discounted offers from cafeterias, rewards for new gas or electricity supply contracts, better communication tools for happier and more loyal employees, convenient consignment pick up at work, healthier employees with safer workplaces through Meddi health services, discounted electronics purchases from Datart stores and cashback for money spent in e-shops. Additionally they offer extra bonuses to those who use Edenred products.

ORLEN Benzina Tankarta od Edenredu

Discounted refills in the broadest filling station network in the Czech Republic
Více o Tankartě.

Věrnostní program Edenred

Collect rewards every day
Více o programu.


Discounted offers are available directly from our cafeteria


Reward for each new gas or electricity supply contract


Better communication, happier and more loyal employees


Convenient consignment pick-up at work


Healthier employees, safer workplaces


Discounted electronics purchases

Vratné peníze

Cashback for money spent in e-shops
More information.


Reduce incapacity to work at your company


Discounted insurance for employees

Show Ederned Extra bonuses

To see extra bonuses you get to Edenred products visit Edenred Extra výhody.

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