FAQ vouchers
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FAQ vouchers

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I don't know where I can pay with meal vouchers

In the Store locator in your card account or in your cafeteria account, select the filter Meal vouchers and benefit vouchers/Ticket Restaurant (Stravenky a poukázky/Ticket Restaurant). You can also customize your search by entering an address.

I have torn or damaged vouchers

We are sorry for this situation, but we do not replace vouchers damaged by the user.

How do I know where they accept the voucher

Partner establishments are marked with a sticker with the Edenred logo and the name of a specific product (e.g. Edenred Benefits or Edenred Čistý).

What is the validity of paper vouchers

The vouchers are valid for 21 months – from April 1 till December 31 of the following year. If you order the vouchers in January 2023, they will only be valid untill December 2023. If you wait and order the vouchers in April 2023, they will be valid until December 2024. A new set of vouchers is issued in April every year. You can find the date of expiry on the front side of the voucher.

What is the validity of paper meal vouchers?

Meal vouchers issued from January 1 to September 30 are always valid until the end of the same year. Meal vouchers issued from October 1 are valid until the end of the following year.

Can I pay with my benefits at TICKETPORTAL

In the TICKETPORTAL network, tickets for selected events can be paid for with Edenred Multi, Edenred Sport and Culture and Edenred Compliments vouchers. Vouchers are accepted at contractual sales places marked with the P icon in the list of Contract sales places on the website ticketportal.cz/SellingPlaces/ (selection of the "Payment by installment" filter).
The client must check out in advance whether benefits can be used to pay the given event.

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  • +420 293 363 000 for employees

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