Edenred Card Account
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Edenred Card Account

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What will you find in your account?


Card activation

In this section you can activate a new card and also assign
a card, which has been activated but not assigned to any
account, to your account. You will need to have the card to
hand and, when activating it, do not forget the activation letter
in which the card was sent to you. It contains the activation code
that is necessary for the process.

More on card activation.

Transfer of funds to Edenred Card

Edenred Card allows you to transfer balances from
your Ticket Restaurant Card or Edenred Benefits Card that are
currently added to your Edenred account

Transaction history

Here, you can view all payments that were and were not made
using your card. You can filter the information using several
parameters so finding what you are looking for is easy.

Show PIN

While the card is contactless, you may encounter older types
of terminals requiring PIN at sofindyour PIN directly in your accoun find
your PIN directly in your account. You can change it using
standard ATMs.

Block card

You can block your card using a simple mechanism – either
permanently (in the event of loss) or temporarily (if you just
forget your card on your desk).

Remove card

Each card may be assigned to one account only (a security
measure). If you no longer want a card with your account,
you can remove it easily using this feature. Please note – by
removing the card, it will not be blocked; it will be just removed
from the account (it works on).

Change of cardholder‘s e-mail

E-mail, který máte s účtem propojený, nebo přihlašovací heslo si jednoduše změníte po přihlášení do svého účtu.
Here you can easily change e-mail linked to your account

Documents for download

You can find important documents such as instructions and
recommendations or terms and conditions for using the card
or additional services here – everything is readily available and
guaranteed to be current at all times.

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