Multi-factor Authentification
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Multi-factor Authentification

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Why multi-factor authentication?

The goal of introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the protection of your confidential information and higher security of benefit funds on your cafeteria accounts. Its essence is the introduction of another security element in the process of logging into the cafeteria account.

What is multifactor authentication?

This is a standard security process implemented by companies operating in the online environment (banks, insurance companies, e-shops, payment gateway operators, etc.).
The essence of multi-factor authentication is the introduction of another security element into the process of logging into a cafeteria account. In addition to the username and password, a security code must also be entered.

When will multi-factor authentication be required?

You will need multi-factor authentication both to access the user account and, for example, when using the payment method "Prímá platba".

How to set up multi-factor authentication?

Read detailed instructions

Login verification through the application

For authentication through the application, you need to have a special application on your mobile phone, which will generate one-time login codes when logging into the cafeteria account. The most well-known is, for example, Microsoft Authentificator or Google Authentificator, but it is also possible to use any other application with this functionality. You can download the application to your phone at any time before using the MFA itself, however, even if this does not happen, the link to download the Microsoft Authentificator application will be available to you even when the multi-factor authentication process itself is started.

Login verification via SMS

The condition for using this verification method is to enter a valid phone number, to which we can send you a verification code. You can change this number at any time later, e.g. if you lose your phone or change your phone number.

What if I lose my phone or change my phone number?

In this case, when you first start the MFA process, a so-called "refresh" code will be generated for you, which you will keep and use to confirm your login in the event that it is not possible to use the application or SMS for verification for the above reasons.

Need help setting up multi-factor authentication?

We have prepared for you detailed instructions how to set up multifactor authentication step by step, which you can download and print.

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