FAQ-Edenred Card
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FAQ-Edenred Card

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Can I use my meal card as soon as I receive it

Before you pay with your new card, you must activate and charge it. You activate the card in your online card account. If you don't have an account yet, you must sign up. Activate your card in the My cards section.

I didn't receive an activation email

Don't worry - we send emails to the address Edenred paired with your card. If you no longer have access to this email address, or you did not enter an email address in your card account, you can add an email address to your card via our phone operators: T: +420 296 363 000 for Edenred Card, T: +420 840 111 320 for Edenred Benefits Card or T: +420 840 111 317 for Ticket Restaurant Card.

Where can I find the card balance

You can find card balance in your card account on www.edenred.cz, in the Edenred mobile app or via phone on T: +420 296 363 000 for Edenred Card, on T: +420 840 111 320 for Edenred Benefits Card or on T: +420 840 111 317 for Ticket Restaurant Card.

Transfer of funds from the former card to the Edenred Card

If you have an activated Ticket Restaurant® Card or Edenred Benefits Card in your account with unused funds, then these funds will be transferred to your new Edenred Card during its activation.

How long it takes to transfer funds to Edenred Card

We charge the funds within 48 hours of the order or payment of the invoice by your employer.

When will the funds be credited to my card?

The transferred funds are credited to the relevant wallets on the Edenred Card. The transfer can take place only between cards assigned to one card account. This means that you must add the new Edenred Card to the same account on the Edenred portal to which the card from which you want to transfer funds is assigned.

Can I pay abroad with the Edenred card

You can pay with the Edenred Card only at Edenred partners in the Czech Republic.

What is the legislation connected with meal voucher cards

Meal vouchers legislation 
The funds on the card are governed by the Labour Code and the law on income tax. Section 236 of Act No 262/2006, the Labour Code, obliges the employer to make it possible for employees to have meals on all shifts. Act No 586/1992, on Income Tax, lays down the amount of the contribution that the employer can provide; the maximum amount for the employee which can be exempted then follows from the amount of the employer’s contribution. 

Are the funds on the card insured, or can insurance be arranged?

Edenred guarantees the funds that have been on the card since it was blocked. These funds remain in the account for which only the new card is issued. Edenred is not responsible for funds and transactions that were carried out on the account before the card was blocked. Funds on the card cannot be insured.

How do I order a new card?

Ordering a new card is governed by the cafeteria settings in agreement with your employer. If the employer allows you to order cards from the cafeteria, you can order a new card on the New card page in the Payment options section. If you do not have this option in the cafeteria, the cards are ordered in bulk to your employer's address and you will receive them from your HR department.

How to reactivate a temporarily blocked card?

Log in to your card account, select the temporarily blocked card you want to reactivate and select the "Unblock card" option.

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Contact our Customer Care Center on e-mails:or Mon-Fri 8:00 – 17:00 on phone numbers:
  • +420 234 662 340 for employers and partners
  • +420 293 363 000 for employees

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