FAQ Mobile Payment
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FAQ Mobile Payment

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What if I lose my mobile phone?

In upleasant cases like this, you need to block mobile payments as quickly as possible - you can do this with FIND MY DEVICE, which lets you remotely erase data or block your phone. If you remove your mobile card from your phone for this reason or any other reason, your plastic card will remain functional. If you block your plastic card, your mobile card will also be blocked.

I need a PIN code to pay by mobile phone

You don't need it - when paying over 500 CZK, unlocking the phone is used to confirm the payment.

How can I know the payment was successful?

A green "check" means the transaction was successful. Additionally, if you have the TicketCard by Edenred application, you will instantly receive a push notification on your phone stating when and where you just paid. You can also view the last 10 transactions with your mobile card in Google Pay.

Where you can pay by mobile

Everywhere you can pay with an Edenred card - in the Edenred mobile application you will find a simple location finder for your card.

Are mobile payments safe?

It may surprise you, but it's safer than contactless payments with a credit card. The number of your actual plastic card is not listed anywhere. If you lose your phone or it is stolen, you can simply block it remotely or delete the data. This does not affect the function of your plastic Edenred card, which remains functional so you do not have to request a new card.

What do I need to pay with my mobile phone?

A mobile phone with Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher with NFC support, an activated Edenred card, the Google Pay app, and Internet connection to insert the card into your phone. Internet connection is not necessary for the payment itself.

What if I have mobile payment with my bank

If your bank uses Google Pay you'll know it, because when you download Google Pay to your device you'll see your credit card. Google Pay always uses the card that is first (on top) for payments. To change the order, simply drag the card to the desired position. If the bank uses a different technology, you need to choose the application in your phone settings to specify which one will be used for the payment.

I have lost my iPhone/My iPhone have been stolen

Go to www.icloud.com to use the “Find my iPhone” feature that allows you to delete all your card registered on Apple Pay. From then, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook Pro will not be able to be used as a payment instrument.

Who should I contact in case of issue?

  1. Device: for any issue related to your Apple device, the Wallet or iCloud, please contact Apple.
  2. Card: for any issue related to the registration of your Edenred Card, Edenred Benefits Card and Ticket Restaurant or the Apple Pay transactions, please contact our customer care Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5.00pm at T: +420 296 363 000 for Edenred Card, T: +420 840 111 317 for Ticket Restaurant Card and T: +420 840 111 320 for Edenred Benefits Card.

Haven't found the answer?
Contact our Customer Care Center on e-mails:or Mon-Fri 8:00 – 17:00 on phone numbers:
  • +420 234 662 340 for employers and partners
  • +420 293 363 000 for employees

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