FAQ TANKARTA Benefit by Edenred
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FAQ TANKARTA Benefit by Edenred

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What is the Orlen benefit program?

The ORLEN benefit program is a program that can be used by employees. It offers convenient refueling with an attractive discount in the network of ORLEN ČR gas stations through the TANKARTA Benefit from Edenred.

How to get and order a Benefit TANKART from Edenred?

You can easily order TANKARTA Benefit from Edenred online in your user account on the Edenred portal. More information.

How can I start using the card?

It is necessary to add funds to the card, by depositing directly at the gas station or by bank transfer. The bank account number and variable symbol can be found on the initial screen after logging into the tankarta.cz customer portal (login information can be found in the e-mail) after clicking on the Prepayment and Top-up window. You can send the payment manually or with a QR code.

How many cards can I order?

Two Benefit TANKARTS from Edenred can be purchased for one account. Add the second card for another family member in the 1st step of the order, it is no longer possible to reorder it later.

How much does TANKARTA Benefit from Edenred cost?
Production and delivery of the card costs CZK 45 (CZK 90 for two cards). This amount will be automatically charged when you top up your card for the first time.

Except for this one-time production and delivery fee, there are no other service fees associated with the card.

How can I top up the card?

You can top up the credit on Tankart in cash or with a bank card at any ORLEN gas station or by bank transfer using the payment details you get in your account on the Tankart customer portal.

There are limits when recharging the card
At the gas station, you can top up any amount from CZK 500 to CZK 50,000 per day in cash or by card. It is not possible to recharge less than 500 CZK.

Recharging the card by bank transfer is not limited in any way. You can find the payment data, including the variable symbol, in your customer account on the Tankarta portal, where you can also easily generate a QR code for easy payment entry.

What is a rack/totem price

"ORLEN rack price" is the fuel price that you will see directly at the ORLEN gas station on the price totem, or filling station and you pay it with Tankarta at the time of fuel collection.

What is the advertised price

"ORLEN declared price" is the fuel price minus the Edenred Tankarta discount. It is usually set on Monday and usually applies from the following Tuesday to the Monday of the following week inclusive. Exceptionally, ORLEN may set an "Announced Price" on any day, with the provision that it is valid from the day following its announcement. You can find the announced price after logging into your account on the Tankarta customer portal.

How and when cashback is settled

When refueling, the rack price without discount is displayed on the receipt. At the end of the billing period (billing period means one calendar month), discounts will be recalculated from the ORLEN announced price and then the total discount for the given month will be calculated and credited to your customer account.

The price of PHM at the gas station is CZK 45.40/l
Payment for 10 liters of PHM 454 CZK
Announced price Orlen 44.17 CZK/l
Employee discount from the advertised price of CZK 2.20/l
The discount that will be credited to the Tankarta account is CZK 34.30, i.e.: 454.00 - (44.17–2.20)x10
(the discount is credited after the monthly deadline, approx. the 3rd day of the month)

If the advertised price after the discount is higher than the rack price, you refuel at the rack price.

What if the rack price is lower than the discounted price with Tankarta

At some gas stations on some days, it may happen that the rack price will be lower than the advertised price after deduction of the discount. In this case, you can still pay with Tankarta and you are sure that you will always pay the best price. If the rack price is lower, you will pay this price directly at the gas station and the discounted price will not be taken into account when billing.

When can I start using the card?

When you receive your card and PIN, log in to your account on the Tankarty portal and check that the card is marked as "active". Then you can recharge it and start using it. Don't forget that the fee for issuing the card must be paid within 14 days of the delivery of the card - the amount will be automatically deducted at the first top-up.

What is a Tankarta customer account

The card also gives you access to the Tankarta customer porta){target=_blank}l, where a customer account will be automatically created for you after your order is complete. You will receive your login information to the e-mail address entered when ordering. When logging in for the first time, you must change the assigned one-time password. If you are unable to log in, click on the "Forgot password" link.

In the customer account, you can look at the list of transactions, block and unblock the card or modify some of its functions - for example, set your own limits within the generally valid limits or set the possibility of payment for other assortments. Changes to the settings will be reflected immediately after they are processed.

Furthermore, in the account you will find the currently valid announced prices of all fuels and terms and conditions.

Manual for mobile payments via the ORLEN application and loyalty program for download.**

I can use Tankart if I don't use cards from Edenred

If we do not record any transaction on your Edenred Card, Ticket Restaurant Card or Benefits Card for 3 months, the right to a discounted fuel card expires (the Agreement on the issue and use of the Benefit TANKARD from Edenred will be terminated).

What products are covered by the discount with Tankarta

The discount applies to the following products: Efecta 95 (Natural 95), Efecta Diesel (diesel), Verva 100 (premium petrol), Verva Diesel (premium diesel) and AdBlue.

"ORLEN announced price" is determined separately for each type of fuel (except LPG and CNG) sold at gas stations in the ORLEN network.

You can find the current announced fuel prices as well as the amount of the discount in your card account on the Edenred portal.

Can I buy a different product range than fuel with Tankarta?

Yes. After registering on the customer portal, you can also set up other goods that can be paid for by card (in the CARDS section - Change assortment). Just check the boxes of the services offered.

Where can I find the current Service Price List and General Terms and Conditions for Tankarta?

You can find the current version of the "Service Price List" and "General Terms and Conditions" after logging into your Tankarta customer account.

When will my card arrive?

You will receive the cards and PIN codes within approximately three weeks of completing the electronic order. Cards and PIN codes are sold separately. We recommend delivering PIN codes via the Czech Post.

What should I do if my card or pin does not arrive within three weeks?

Please contact the customer center at 800 102 800 or by e-mail at mojekarta@orlen.cz

How to cancel the card if I no longer want to use it?

To cancel TK BENEFIT, please contact the customer center at mojekarta@orlen.cz. ORLEN will return the funds deposited in the form of a prepayment usually within 15 calendar days of receiving your request, to the bank account to which you request the funds to be sent.

What happens to unused funds after the contract is terminated?

If the card is cancelled, it will be blocked first. After 15 days of blocking, the termination of the contract is processed, and within the next 15 days you will receive unused funds back to the bank account whose number you entered when ordering the card. If you have changed your account number during this time, report it to ORLEN in the termination of the contract.

I can use Tankart even after changing employers

If your new employer does not provide digital meal vouchers or benefits from Edenred, you can only use Tankart as long as you use your Edenred card. If we do not record any transactions on your Edenred Card, Ticket Restaurant Card or Benefits Card for 3 months, the card will be blocked and unused funds will be returned to your bank account.

If you receive a new Edenred card from your new employer and register it under your existing account on the Edenred portal, you can continue to use your existing Tankart. No need to apply for a new one.

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  • +420 293 363 000 for employees

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