LOOK AFTER YOURSELF with Edenred Benefits Premium
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LOOK AFTER YOURSELF with Edenred Benefits Premium

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Health comes first

You can use your benefits to pay for new glasses, dental hygiene, tooth whitening, cellulite removal treatment or laser birthmark removals. You can pay for appointments for rehabilitation therapy, advice on your diet or pregnancy or salt cave sessions, and also, for example, to get your eyes tested or to arrange a dental implant or laboratory tests.Benefits can be spent in pharmacies and health care stores. And now you can also look after your psychological health without having to visit a standard health care facility. A wide range of on-line psychological and therapeutic advice is available to you.

All of the options for using benefits in the health care category can be found in your cafeteria under the WELLNESS and HEALTH CARE tabs on the cafeteria homepage, or in the cafeteria’s provider locator. Other suggestions are also provided in the “Beauty, health and relaxation” section at Slevomat.cz.


Make space for your personal growth

Acquire a new skill, whether it is driving, diving, programming or another foreign language. You don’t want to learn in a group? Use your benefit points to buy a manual or guide, or sign up for an on-line course in drawing, touch typing, computer graphics, interior design or digital photography. Discover dozens of other courses you can study from the comfort of your own home. Select the filters for “Education” and “Sport and culture” in the cafeteria’s provider locator or “Courses and workshops” at Slevomat.cz. You can buy books, and not just educational ones, both in the bricks-and-mortar shops of leading booksellers and also online via their websites, or via direct payment in the cafeteria.


Sport and exercise are the best prevention

Benefits can be used to buy on-line courses in yoga, Pilates or parkour for beginners, or dancing lessons with teachers from StarDance. You can also pay for season tickets for full-time sports activities, passes for saunas, fitness centres, swimming pools or tennis clubs and entry fees for races etc.

All options for paying with benefits in the sports category can be found in your cafeteria under the SPORT & CULTURE tab or in the cafeteria’s provider locator. More sports options are also available in the Entertainment and Leisure section at Slevomat.cz.


Experiences like relax and original gifts

Your benefits can be used to buy a wide range of experiences and new ones are being added all the time. The high-adrenaline varieties include piloting an aircraft and driving a tank, or there are courses on cooking and drawing with the right hemisphere of the brain, which can be taken full-time and also online. A gift voucher for the theatre or a pass to an interesting workshop would make an excellent gift for your nearest and dearest. Many theatre and film performances can also be watched now from your own home. Transform your benefit points into experiences.
In the cafeteria’s provider locator select the filters for “Experiences” and/or “Sport and culture”. Thousands of more suggestions for experiences can be found at Slevomat.cz, where you can easily convert your benefit points. The instructions can be found in your cafeteria account.


Every journey starts at Edenred Benefits Premium

If you want to get away, wherever you’re going your first steps should be to Edenred Benefits Premium. You will find dozens of travel agencies right in the cafeteria interface. Choose a trip or accommodation in your dream destination and check out the payment options. If you can’t find the right accommodation in the cafeteria’s provider locator, choose any hotel in the world and pay the deposit using your benefit points via ehotel.cz. The process is fully explained in your cafeteria.


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