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Ticket Restaurant

Paper meal vouchers accepted in restaurants and grocery stores throughout the Czech Republic.

Meal vouchers legislation 
The funds on the card are governed by the Labour Code and the law on income tax. Section 236 of Act No 262/2006, the Labour Code, obliges the employer to make it possible for employees to have meals on all shifts. Act No 586/1992, on Income Tax, lays down the amount of the contribution that the employer can provide; the maximum amount for the employee which can be exempted then follows from the amount of the employer’s contribution. 

Edenred Multi

The voucher is accepted by sports, cultural, recreational, educational, medical and preschool facilities, in which the voucher holder chooses exactly the service he is interested in.

Edenred Holiday

Vouchers are accepted by travel agencies and agencies. Use for foreign and Czech destinations. Vouchers can also be used for last minute offers.

Edenred compliments

Edenred Compliments is a universal gift voucher for the purchase of goods and services. It is an ideal form of thanking or rewarding employees or clients.

Edenred Sport&Culture

The voucher is used to pay for tickets to cinemas, multiplexes, theaters and sports facilities such as fitness centers, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools and others.

Edenred Academica

Save money on driving school, language schools, management, computer, financial and other educational courses.

Edenred Medica

It enables payment in healthcare facilities, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers and at general practitioners and specialists (dentists, gynecologists, etc.).

Edenred Pure

The Edenred Čistý voucher is used to pay for cleaning and laundry products, dry cleaning services or as a contribution to protective work equipment.

FKSP Edenred Multi

Leisure vouchers for public administration employees accepted by selected partners of the Czech Republic in the field of sports, culture, recreation and education enable the drawing of benefits according to Decree No. 114 Coll. about FKSP.

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