Ticket Restaurant Card
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Ticket Restaurant Card

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  • You pay the contactless way – just a “beep” and the payment is done.
  • No need to count the value of the voucher – with the card, you can
    pay the precise amount from CZK 1 up.
  • Enjoy new forms of payment – such as on-line payments or meal
    vending machines.
  • No more expired vouchers – the card will use the funds which are
    close to expiration on its own.
  • You have constant control over your card using an online account.

Funds on your card are safe
If your card is lost or stolen, you can simply block it and we will issue a new card to you – with the same PIN and the same balance. You have non-stop control over your card using an online account or a mobile application.

Payment limits

  • There is no daily or transaction limit on the Ticket Restaurant® Card.
  • You can pay with your card up to the amount of the balance on your
    account with no limits.
  • For payments over CZK 500, you will be asked to

What to buy

What can I pay for with Meal vouchers

According to the law, meal vouchers and meal cards can buy main courses for employees during their working shifts. This means you can have a meal at a restaurant, including a non-alcoholic beverage or dessert. Since we all may be subject to various dietetic restrictions or may not be able to choose from the offer of the nearby restaurants, it is also possible to buy food (meat, vegetables, fruit, bakery products etc.) at food stores – again, except for alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco. Please note – even alcohol-free beer is understood to be an alcoholic beverage. Also, your meal card cannot buy chemist goods or bags to carry your purchase away.

Where to shop

Shopping with your card by Edenred 

All establishments where you pay with your card can be found in the establishment search engine in your cafeteria account, or after logging into your card account at edenred.cz, or in the Edenred mobile application after adding your card to the application.

The list of establishments where your benefits are accepted is in accordance with Decree No. 114 Coll. about FKSP and in accordance with your employer's internal guidelines

Didn't find your favorite establishment? 

Recommend it to us. We will contact it with a partnership offer.

Mobile application

With a mobile application you will always know how much money there is in your card and where you can pay with it.

Edenred Mobile App brings you an overview 

  • of all special offers from affiliates outlets
  • of outlets accepting your card
  • on how much you spend and on the funds available

 More on mobile app.

Download for free for Androind or iOS.

Card validity

Card is valid 3 years from its date of issue. The expiration date can be found on the front of the card – like on credit cards.

Validity of the funds on the card

The validity of the funds at meal voucher wallet
The validity of the funds is a maximum of 15 months. The funds loaded between 1 January and 30 September are always valid until the end of the same year. The funds loaded between 1 October and 31 December are valid until the end of the next year.

Exception: Validity of funds on card to cafeteria Card as account
The validity of the funds on the card is identical to the validity of the funds in your cafeteria. More on cafeteria Card as account.

Ticket Restaurant Card Cover Letter


We send the cover letter togehter with a new card in one envelope.

Haven't found the answer?
Contact our Customer Care Center on e-mails:or Mon-Fri 8:00 – 17:00 on phone numbers:
  • +420 234 662 340 for employers and partners
  • +420 293 363 000 for employees

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